Digital Storytelling Workshop in Jordan

Digital Storytelling Workshop in Jordan

October 10, 2022

Organized in collaboration with Al Jazeera Media Institute on 15-19 September 2022 in Amman, the training included nine Syrian and Jordanian journalists from four Jordanian governorates: Amman, Irbid, Mafraq, and Ajloun, of whom 40% were women.

The first two days of the workshop focused on the theoretical part of digital storytelling: the importance of digital storytelling, types of digital storytelling, identification of a targeted audience, interaction with the audience etc.

In the second part of the workshop, the trainees were divided into three groups and were practically trained on three production stages: pre-production, production and post-production. Participants got to practice their learned skills which culminated in the production of videos related to refugee stories.

The exceptional part of this training is that it is a mixture of theory and practical learning unlike most of other trainings we undertake. Am so thrilled and excited, because this training enabled me of preparing and producing a digital story in a very easy and simple manner.
Aya Al Momani, Jordanian freelance journalist from Ajloun


mustafa qudra2
I benefited greatly from this training course. I wasn’t aware of filming and video editing techniques. This training enriched my theoretical knowledge and developed my practical experience. I can say now, that I can film, edit and produce a digital story in a professional way.
Mustafa Al Hussien, freelance Syrian journalist from Irbid


Video produced by a group of 4 female Syrian and Jordanian journalists who participated in the second Digital Storytelling workshop (in Arabic)

The story is about a 24 years old Syrian girl, Seba Obaid, who invented a smart swimming life jacket. Seba is a programming engineer. She came up with this idea, when her father decided to flee from Turkey to Greece through the sea. This idea that her father might lose his life in the sea, as many other immigrants, prompted her to invent the smart swimming life jacket. She is still developing more ideas to add to the smart jacket. She has a dream, that her smart life jacket will be used one day and save the lives of people.


Video produced by Obaida Hafez, male, Syrian journalist (in Arabic)

The video is about an 11 years old Syrian female refugee who lives at Zaatari Camp in Jordan. Lama Al Hariri has hearing and speech difficulties, and she was in need of cochlear device implant surgery. Lama had the surgery and is able to continue her life normally. Unlike the success story of Lama, the video highlights that 40% of the Syrian refugees who are suffering from medical issues are not receiving treatment.

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