“In the current conditions, it was even better than home”

“In the current conditions, it was even better than home”

Testimony of Julia Fomicheva, Ukrainian journalist who has just spent three months in the Yak Vdoma Residence in Bucharest (Romania).

”I want to thank you for the project Yak Vdomaand the opportunity to be part of it. First of all, for the fact that you invite journalists together with their families – which is very impressive to me, as it provides opportunities for professional development despite the presence of children. After all, I wouldn't have gone without my children.

Thank you for allowing me to work on my project where it is convenient for me. I believe that I have done a lot to highlight the topic of gender equality thanks to my participation in the media hub, and I will continue to implement my project in Ukraine.
Special thanks for the place of residence - during our three months stay in Bucharest, we only went around the big and beautiful park within walking distance of which we were accommodated.

Thanks to the project, I got to know Romanian and a little bit of French culture, had the opportunity to improve my professional level, and working with a psychologist was very valuable for me. Thank you for the fact that I had the opportunity to stay in my profession and be productive in Ukrainian journalism, despite the difficulties in the energy system and military operations in my country. You called this project Home, but in the current conditions, it was even better than home. So thanks for the work on the project to the whole team. I wish you success and prosperity in your affairs and thank you for supporting Ukrainians in such a difficult historical period.

With respect and gratitude”,
Julia Fomicheva and two young assistants



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