A conference on digital safety in the media is held in Geneva

A conference on digital safety in the media is held in Geneva

Oksana Baldina, a journalist benefiting from the Yak Vdoma project that supports independent Ukrainian journalists, opened the annual European Broadcasting Union (EBU) conference, which was held in Geneva on 11 and 12 October 2023.

This year's conference focused on how all media players must work together to make the media sector safer. Oksana paid tribute to the independent Ukrainian journalists who are risking their lives in order to continue providing coverage of the war in Ukraine. She highlighted the progress made in terms of digital safety by the Ukrainian media. However, she also pointed out that changing threats bring about an ever-increasing need for training, as media players must learn how to apply new tools in order to combat new dangers. Media players must work together and share experiences in order to increase the safety of journalists, especially those working in occupied territories.

This event offered a unique opportunity to bring together digital specialists, media support project managers and the editorial sector to think about the potential avenues, strategies and solutions that media players can explore and develop in order to guarantee the safety of journalists and their sources.

La sécurité numérique des médias au cœur d’une conférence à Genève



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