Chad’s High Authority for Audiovisual Media (Haute Autorité des Médias et de l’Audiovisuel, “HAMA”) visits Paris

Chad’s High Authority for Audiovisual Media visits Paris

October 20, 2022

A group of four representatives from Chad’s HAMA (Haute Autorité des Médias et de l’Audiovisuel) paid an educational visit to Paris from 4 to 7 October.

This group, which included the president of the authority, started their trip by participating in a day of bilateral exchange with the French Regulatory Authority for Audiovisual and Digital Communication (Autorité publique française de régulation de la communication audiovisuelle et numérique, “Arcom”). This gave the HAMA (Haute Autorité des Médias et de l’Audiovisuel) representatives and the departments responsible for regulating digital programmes and platforms an opportunity to share regulatory experiences and good practices.
The representatives then attended the 7th Conference of presidents of the French-speaking Network of Media Regulators (Réseau francophone de la régulation des médias, REFRAM), which focused primarily on new tools and methods for regulating online content platforms.

These discussions allowed us to more clearly identify the actions we need to take to develop the legal regulatory framework in order to adapt it to the challenges brought about by digital platforms.
Abderamane Barka, HAMA president

The purpose of this visit was to strengthen HAMA’s ability to combat misinformation by using regulatory policies that respect the freedom of the press and freedom of expression.
The Desinfox Chad project will continue to support HAMA in 2023 by providing expertise enabling it to develop its awareness-raising actions that aim to curb the spread of hate speech on social media.

cfi hama
The four Chadian HAMA representatives and Jocelyn Grange, Africa Director at CFI