Terra Africa Cap-Vert, Sénégal, Guinée, Guinée-Bissau : participez au concours ePOP !

Cape Verde, Senegal, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau: enter the ePOP competition!

As part of the Terra Africa project, RFI Planète Radio has launched the second edition of the ePOP competition, inviting young people across four countries to use their smartphones to record the video testimonies of those who are confronted on a daily basis with the impacts of climate and environmental change. Don't delay: you have until 12 September to send in your clips!

Climate and environmental upheaval are our current realities, and it is more important than ever that the voices of those suffering the consequences are heard. This is the aim of the Terra Africa project, run by Canal France International (CFI) in partnership with RFI (Radio France Internationale), which is funding the ePOP international competition.

The principle is quite simple: sharing video testimonials of up to three minutes in length, highlighting the stories of people impacted by climate change and environmental degradation. The video must be in 16:9 format and must not include any music or text on the screen. After that, you have free reign!

How can I get involved? 

Your aim is to give a voice to farmers struggling with devastating droughts, to communities threatened by rising sea levels, and to Indigenous Peoples witnessing the disappearance of their ancestral homes. 

Your video will be a powerful vehicle for raising awareness of the impact of climate change.

The platform provides a number of tools for creating your video:

- Tutorials
- Videos of previous winners
- Coaching on Facebook in Spanish and Portuguese
- The rules

You have until 12 September 2024 to take part in this collective adventure!

What's in it for me if I enter the competition?

By taking part in the ePOP competition, you will be joining a supportive community of committed videographers and will be actively helping to break the silence that too often surrounds environmental injustice. Your video can influence public opinion, mobilise political decision-makers and inspire concrete action to protect our planet and its people. After the competition, the videos are archived on the website and made available to everyone.

Prizes will also be awarded, from the ePOP+ Grand Prize (a €3,000 production grant and €1,500 production support), to the RFI Club Prize, which provides a €1,000 equipment grant. 

Would you like to find out more? Go to https://concours.epop.network/ 

For more information: the Terra Africa project

In West Africa, climate change is threatening human life and livelihoods. Information on this subject remains marginal and is often limited to accounts of natural disasters. Yet the media have a vital role to play in explaining the causes of these disruptions, providing information on possible solutions for adapting to them and developing a positive discourse around the fight against global warming.

Terra Africa supports journalists who want to learn how to deal with environmental issues in a cross-disciplinary way. This project supports them in producing content that promotes the search for solutions and stimulates political and civic commitment.

To find out more:  https://cfi.fr/en/project/terra-africa

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