For better child-sensitive media coverage

For better child-sensitive media coverage

15 Syrian, Lebanese, and Palestinian journalists came together for a unique opportunity. Passionate about their work as journalists, they are all driven by the desire to improve their skills in covering children's issues while respecting their rights.

This opportunity, which took the form of a workshop, was organized by CFI around the theme of "child-sensitive media coverage". The expert trainers Nadine Nimri and Salam Chreim facilitated the workshop that held in Lebanon from 10 to 13 January 2023. The journalists came out of the workshop familiar with the international and local legal frameworks.
Now, they say they better understand the contours of children's rights and how to address their problems while ensuring their protection.

For Jamil Saleh, a Lebanese journalist, the workshop was an eye-opening experience. “Having benefitted to a large extent from this unique opportunity as it allowed me to be more professional while covering such media sensitive issues and better know how to approach children and tackle their issues while respecting their rights and ensuring their protection. Furthermore, the overview of the international legal framework, the Child Rights Convention as well as the national legal framework were key to help me better understand Children’s rights in general and in my career as a journalist in particular", he rejoiced.

Overall, the workshop was a great success and participants left feeling that they had acquired new skills that will enable them to cover children's issues in a sensitive and professional manner.



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