Abdoulaye Boureima TOURE

Abdoulaye Boureima Touré

It is with great sadness that CFI learned of the death of journalist and trainer Abdoulaye Boureima Touré.

Abdoulaye Boureima Touré was an important figure in journalism in Niger, recognised by professionals from all walks of life. He was the focal point for the Dialogue Sahel pilot project, before becoming the country coordinator of the Afri’kibaaru project. He had also carried out several studies in Niger on behalf of CFI.

In addition to being a critical journalist and a demanding trainer, he had impeccable professional rigour and a deep sense of hospitality. As an admirer of Jean-Paul Sartre, Abdoulaye Boureima Touré was a keen user of poetic discourse that delighted all those who crossed his path.

CFI colleagues would like to express their sincere condolences to his family and friends.

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