Framework Contract for Logistic Provider/ Transport Services

In the Western Balkans, as elsewhere in Europe, the last few years have been affected by strong disinformation linked to the Covid epidemic. More recently, Russia's invasion in Ukraine seems to have intensified the influence and disinformation campaigns waged by both local and foreign interests. 
In this context, the youth of the Balkans are deprived of an essential right to information and self-expression, insufficiently protected in its diversity. Yet this right is essential to guarantee democratic debate.

This is why the Balkan Expressions 2 project aims to strengthen young people's participation in regional dialogue by supporting their media and digital expression and combating misinformation. 

We are looking for a service provider(s) capable of organising transports across the different Balkans countries, booking hotels and meeting rooms

Unit price list
2 April at 8.00 p.m.
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Benjamine Le Guen
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