4M "Transition to online for Arabic-language newspapers"

4M "Transition to online for Arabic-language newspapers"


Support Arabic-language newspapers in the transition to online and foster the development of an offer in line with new business models
Promote the sharing of experiences and best practices, encouraging collaboration (seminars, Media Lab)
Encourage the emergence of structured professional networks
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Just like their counterparts elsewhere in the world, the Arab press has had to deal with the technological revolution and new trends in news consumption. Free, instant, interactive... new criteria are emerging in an industry in the throes of profound change, forcing traditional media to go online in a highly competitive market.

Not only must media master new technological tools, they need to redefine their entire business model. Going online does not mean simply presenting newspaper content on a new medium. It requires the convergence of print and web newsrooms, knowledge of the possibilities offered by digital technology and a good understanding of the new consumer trends to redesign the media offering. The reader becomes the client and is at the heart of the media strategy, heralding a new approach for Arabic newspapers.

Faced with this major challenge, one on which their survival depends, the media are often hampered by the scale of investment needed to develop an online presence. This project is thus supporting five Arabic newspapers in their efforts to make the successful transition from print to digital.

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This workshop has broadened our vision of things: without an economic policy an information site is doomed to failure. We've discovered new ad insertion formats and how to make a partnership with Google more profitable.
Farouk Ghedir, editor-in-chief at El Khabar

Project beneficiaries

Five privately-owned Arabic-language newspapers, from Egypt (Almasry Alyoum), Jordan (Al Ghad), Lebanon (As Safir), Algeria (El Khabar) and Morocco (Al Khabar Alyaoum)

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Determining a digital strategy for each beneficiary

An audit is conducted to understand the digital offering of each beneficiary and determine the needs and areas of intervention on which to focus.

As part of this study, an action plan is prepared for each newspaper, tailored to each one's digital strategy. A partnership agreement is then signed to determine the schedule of actions and the financial input of the beneficiaries of the project.

Bilateral assistance with production methods suited to online practices

For each newspaper, action is taken within the newsroom itself, with the participation of all those involved in creating the online offering. These actions focus on the themes identified by the audits.

This helps strengthen the digital skills of the media and facilitates the convergence of the print and web newsrooms.

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Bilateral assistance with internal reorganisation

Again on the basis of the audits performed, this action involves the various managerial departments of the newspaper, who come together to discuss their organisation and how they function.

Marketing and social media managers also participate in the search for new business models and diversification.

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Organisation of workshops for the sharing of practices and experiences

Three workshops attended by all five beneficiaries of this project are held to promote the exchange of experiences, strategies and best practices related to the digital transition.

The objective of this action is to help develop professional networks and foster collaboration.

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