YMER+ Results 2019

YMER+ Results 2019

March 23, 2020

Developing a neutral media landscape in Yemen and using media to meet the needs of the population rather than as propaganda tools is necessary to contain the current humanitarian crisis.

The YMER+ (Yemeni Media Emergency Response) project, funded by the European Union, promotes the development of humanitarian journalism in the country in order to optimise NGO action in the field and the dissemination of useful information among the population, in particular in terms of accessing emergency accommodation, food, water or even healthcare.

Through initiatives aimed at creating a network on the ground, providing training to journalists on the journalistic handling of humanitarian information and supporting production, the YMER+ project strengthens the role of Yemeni journalism as a key component in the communication between NGOs and their beneficiaries. In this way, the project increases the effectiveness of international aid to ensure it has a more concrete impact.

Developing a code of conduct

In September 2019, 10 Yemeni journalists benefited from a training session for trainers in Amman to familiarise themselves with various tools currently available. They are now in a position to provide training on humanitarian journalism and to evaluate the content produced by the people they supervise.

More than 30 Yemeni journalists and representatives of humanitarian organisations based in Yemen met in Amman in November 2019 to explore the ways and means of improving humanitarian media coverage in the country. The discussions addressed the different opinions of the chief editors and journalists from the various regions of Yemen. This seminar resulted in the creation of a code of conduct, which was adopted and signed by everyone. The journalists also participated in the ARIJ (Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism) Annual Forum, the largest gathering of investigative reporters in the Arab world.

This seminar allowed us to meet the urgent need to discuss ways of using local media for the benefit of the humanitarian situation in Yemen, in a crisis context.
Ali Al Faqeeh, Chief Editor of the site Al Masdar