Yak Vdoma journalists visit Moldova

Yak Vdoma journalists visit Moldova

From 18 to 22 September 2023, a team of journalists staying at the Yak Vdoma residence were joined by the project's coordinators and travelled to Chisinau for five days of meetings, discussions and shared views.

These workshops were an opportunity for them to build bridges with many representatives of Moldovan civil society in order to streamline the creation of networks, synergies and working groups focused on security, working with and within occupied/separatist territories, countering misinformation, and understanding the inner workings of Russian propaganda in Moldova.

During these meetings with independent media outlets, such as România TV and Vocea Besarabeie, specialist fact-checking and anti-misinformation organisations (stopfals.md and watchdog.md), discussions centred on analysing the current media landscape in Moldova and how it has changed since Moldova was granted EU candidate status. They focused on the systems used to propagate pro-Kremlin narratives in the separatist region of Transnistria and in autonomous regions, such as Gagauzia. Linguistic, cultural and religious issues were at the heart of the discussions.

The visit was also an opportunity to raise the profile of the Yak Vdoma project outside Romania and to forge new partnerships. Lines of investigation are already emerging and joint action strategies are taking shape.

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