Second Yemen International Forum: CFI supports live broadcasting

Second Yemen International Forum: CFI supports live broadcasting

The second Yemen International Forum (YIF), which was held in The Hague from 12 to 15 June 2023, was designed as a space for promoting dialogue between the Yemeni people themselves and the international community, with the shared goal of restoring peace in the country.

More than 250 people, including representatives of Yemeni political parties, minority communities, civil society stakeholders, experts and diplomats took part in discussions regarding the crisis in Yemen.

These meetings were broadcast live by two journalists, one female and one male, from Aden and Sanaa respectively, selected for their in-depth knowledge of the political landscape and geographical sensitivities, as well as for their professionalism and commitment to providing unbiased and reliable information to the Yemeni people. These two press professionals represented South Yemen and North Yemen, which have been unified since 1990.

 Deuxième Forum international sur le Yémen : CFI soutient la diffusion  en direct

In addition to the live broadcasting of the meetings, as well as the sessions and workshops running in parallel to those meetings, the two journalists also conducted more than 20 interviews with Yemeni and international personalities, who shared their vision and sent messages to the Yemeni people. The EU Ambassador to Yemen, Gabriel Munuera Viñals, reaffirmed the EU's support for the Yemeni people. "The EU will continue to support the Yemeni people. We will support all constructive efforts and initiatives aimed at promoting inclusive and lasting peace in Yemen," he promised.

Une étape importante vers la résolution du conflit au Yémen

Khaled Bahah, former vice-president and former prime minister of Yemen, welcomed the event and is confident that it will play a crucial role in the prospects of ending the crisis. "We are proud of this forum that brought Yemenis together and allowed different points of view to be heard. These inclusive negotiations are an important step towards resolving the conflict in Yemen," he affirmed.

"An important step towards resolving the conflict in Yemen"

France, speaking through its ambassador, advocated in favour of the participation of women in the restoration of peace in Yemen. "Half of the Yemeni population is female. It goes without saying that France strongly supports the strengthening of the role of Yemeni women in the peace process," stated Jean-Marie Safa.

Wedad Al-Badawi, president of the Cultural Media Center and journalist, is of the same opinion, calling for "the effective and concrete application of National Action Plan 1325 in Yemen, putting pressure on the various parties to allow women to participate in political negotiations in order to consolidate the peace process in Yemen".

This forum was broadcast, most notably on social media, thanks to the support provided by CFI to one of its Yemeni partners, the Future Vision Organization. This allowed it to reach as many Yemenis as possible. Yemeni journalists were also invited to speak about the Forum and the situation of women in Yemen by the radio station, Monte Carlo Doualya (MCD).

Finally, CFI took the opportunity to announce the launch of a new project in Yemen, Yamaniyat, aimed at promoting the participation of women in the peace process.

Deuxième Forum international sur le Yémen : CFI soutient la diffusion  en direct

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