Recovery and stabilisation in the CAR - closing seminar in Bangui

July 12, 2019

The closing seminar of the media aspect of the project brought together the 6 Central African radio stations that received support and was held on 29-30 June 2019 in Bangui. It was an opportunity to chart the progress made for the first time and celebrate the winners of the best radio productions competition.

28 months - that's how long the Central African radio stations selected in March 2017. The Recovery and Stabilisation project aimed to strengthen the ability of journalists to better address the themes of social cohesion and socio-economic recovery, to support organisational and general management aspects, to provide equipment to specific radio stations and to increase the broadcasting area of two of them.
With this project, we have improved editorial teamwork.Following this support, the managers and journalists of Radio Zoukpana in Berbérati, Radio Ndjoku in Bayanga, Radio Kuli Ndunga in Nola, Radio Ndélé not far from N'Délé, radio Voix de Barangbaké in Bria and Radio Maïgaro in Bouar all attended the seminar to share their feedback and recommendations with CFI and its local partner, the RMCC (Réseau des Médias Communautaires en Centrafrique [Community-based Media Network in Central Africa], formerly the ARC).

These two half-days made it possible, thanks to the presence of trainer Emmanuel de Solère Stintzy, to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the project, the extent to which the radio stations had adopted the main themes (early recovery, restoration of State services, social cohesion) and to highlight areas for improvement both in terms of editorial and managerial aspects.

"Achievements have been made […] We are introducing an editorial meeting with an improved structure, which will take place more frequently. Mini synergies with Radio Ndjoku have led to shows being created together concerning social cohesion themes for which we have received very positive feedback from the community. Even though there are still some issues, we have really strengthened our circle of social cohesion. Today, in our geographical area, the authorities are functioning better - State services are being restored. Everyone plays their part in the city and a mutual respect has developed between the general public and the authorities."
Mariette, manager of Radio Kuli Ndunga in Nola.

The best shows recognised

Another highlight of this meeting was the presentation of prizes for the best radio productions competition in connection with the project's themes. The jury, made up of CFI and RMCC members and trainers, awarded first prize to Radio Ndjoku in Bayanga for its show "Embaucher dans de bonnes conditions pour lutter contre la corruption" [Hire in the right conditions to fight corruption].

Second prize went to Radio Kuli Ndunga for its show "Femmes ambassadrice de la paix" [Women, ambassador for peace]. The same radio station also received an incentive award for "putting into practice the aspects they had learned which were particularly useful in unstable working and security conditions". Lastly, Charles Limbona, correspondent for Radio Zoukpana, was recognised for his field work.

Recovery and Stabilisation in the Central African Republic is a project run by Expertise France and funded by the European Union through the Bêkou Trust Fund. The media component of the project is overseen by CFI in partnership with the ARC.