Palestine: a new series of podcasts to support women's voices

Palestine: a new series of podcasts to support women's voices

Despite the extremely tense and unstable situation in Palestine, the CFI and Radio Nisaa teams have been able to adapt and continue implementing the Al Qadirat project, with activities organised online and managed from the radio station's headquarters in Ramallah.


Al Qadirata, a project to support women's rights in Palestine

Al Qadirat, "they are capable" in Arabic, is a project funded and implemented by CFI in partnership with Radio Nisaa FM. Its main aim is to raise awareness of women's rights in Palestinian society and to promote equality between women and men by improving the content produced by female Palestinian journalists.
The beneficiaries of the project, 25 female journalists with degrees from different regions of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, were selected in collaboration with several Palestinian universities.

Since the launch of the Al Qadirat project last October, beneficiaries have followed a six-month support programme with experts from the Arab world. The programme includes a mentoring programme and training courses on covering women's issues, fact-checking and mental health in wartime.

A new series of podcasts dedicated to women

Following this training, the project’s beneficiaries recently launched a new series of podcasts. The podcasts are designed to provide a forum for women to share their experiences and aspirations, as well as their views on the current situation of women in Palestine. Sherine Abu Mufarreh, author of the first episode of podcasts, explains: "In Palestine, in the current context and in general, the work of journalists is very difficult and even dangerous. The support programme prepared us to face the challenges and obstacles on the ground with greater confidence".

In Palestine, the work of journalists is very difficult and even dangerous.
Sherine Abu Mufarreh
Crédits photo : Nisaa FM
Crédits photo : Nisaa FM

Heba Kittaneh, author of the second episode, also explains that "the approach adopted in the training programme was very relevant. It allowed us to project ourselves into our professional practice and provided us with concrete tools for producing content on the situation of women in wartime".

Find all episodes of the podcast series on the social media platforms of Radio Nisaa FM on the Facebook page of the incubator Nisaa Media and on SoundCloud.

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