A look back at the Ama Baad 2 project

A look back at the Ama Baad 2 project

December 2022 marked the end of the Ama Baad 2 project, which provided Arabic-speaking journalists with the resources they need to make sense of major news events. Gender equality has been one of the pillars of CFI's commitments and it closed this project with an initiative focused on gender and the consequences of the health crisis.

Following a call for applications, fourteen journalists were selected and benefited from a 3-month support programme. They are committed to producing media content covering how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected women in the 12 countries involved in the project (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan).

Ama Baad 2 enabled Arabic-speaking journalists to improve their ability to cover issues associated with gender equality and to incorporate these into content related to health, the environment, the economy and education. The journalists took part in a 6-month training programme that taught them how to apply an inclusive and intersectional approach to news coverage and received two months of coaching through which they learned how to manage content production.

The 14 journalists also received €1000–€2000 of financial support to help them produce their content in a variety of formats, including articles, videos and podcasts.

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