Innovation MediaLab webinars: Nine monthly meetings to aid understanding of how digital solutions are now being used

Innovation MediaLab webinars: Nine monthly meetings to aid understanding of how digital solutions are now being used

June 4, 2021

Since March 2021, Innovation MediaLab project beneficiaries have had the opportunity to join monthly online sessions to discover the latest trends and new consumption patterns emerging in the media.

Following the global shock of the COVID-19 health crisis, 2021 will be a year of profound and rapid change in the digital world.

Given the fragmentation of media consumption, it is now more crucial than ever that media outlets are flexible, agile and reactive in order to stay on top of changes in the way media is used and audience expectations as best they can.
In collaboration with ESJ Pro Montpellier, a media training and consultancy organisation, and La Netscouade, a digital corporate communications agency, CFI is launching a series of webinars as part of the Innovation MediaLab project.

These sessions dedicated to editorial, technological and economic developments in online media bring together journalists and media players to discuss topics such as: information vs misinformation, the impact of social media and influencers, and new narrative forms.
They also aim to strengthen the teams’ journalistic skills and expertise so that they can tackle changing consumption patterns, meet audience needs and adapt their journalistic practices. Lastly, these monthly meetings encourage ongoing discussions and sharing.

Webinar 1: Enrich your video offering without filming anything - March 2021
Webinar 2: Restricted journalism, tools and methods for working remotely - April 2021
Webinar 3: In a world of new journalistic celebrities and influencers, where does the media stand? - May 2021
Webinar 4: How to gather information. - June 2021
Webinar 5: Entrepreneurial journalism, creating and developing digital media - July 2021
Webinar 6: Instant messaging (Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.), the new preferred channels for accessing information - September 2021
Webinar 7: Designing a fun and interactive game on “Fake News and verification” - October 2021
Webinar 8: Leading and developing a web community - November 2021
Webinar 9: Podcasts, YouTube and now Twitch, how ARTE conquered the web - December 2021

Innovation MediaLab is supporting three Algerian and Lebanese digital media outlets: 24h Algérie, an Algerian general news site, Labneh&Facts, a digital Lebanese site for 25-35 year olds (in French) and Yomkom, a digital Lebanese site aimed at young people (in French and Arabic).