Ensuring the survival of “Ça Pique” (That Stings): the key actions by Etrane TV média

Ensuring the survival of “Ça Pique” (That Stings): the key actions by Etrane TV média

In 2021, Etrane TV média became a MediaSahel partner in Niger. This collaboration breathed new life into the programme “Ça Pique”.

After 18 months, the partnership that brought together Etrane-TV, its programme "Ça pique" and MediaSahel ended in January 2023. However, there is no question of stopping this interactive programme created for and with young Nigeriens.
Composed of four committed people, including one woman, the Etrane TV team actively prepared to ensure that the programme continues. Its aim was to maintain the quality and success of the programme, while ensuring its survival in the long term. The actions undertaken include the establishment of strategic partnerships with advertisers. These alliances helped consolidate the financial resources needed to support the programme’s continued production. Recognising its positive impact on young Nigerien people, advertisers were drawn to the idea of tying their image to this project.
The team has also been able to fully exploit the potential of broadcasting platforms. “We are now monetising content on Facebook and YouTube”, says Abdouramane Zongoma Zakari, the Director of Etrane TV média. This approach has generated additional revenue, while making the programme more visible among the public.


Doubling monthly output

However, ensuring the survival of “Ça Pique” goes beyond the financial aspects. “The knowledge gained from the coaching sessions has enabled us to better plan and structure our shoots”, says Zakari. As a result, production has increased, switching from two to four programmes per month. The team is committed to continuing to innovate and offer relevant and engaging content to meet the expectations of the programme’s young audience. Thanks to these decisive actions, the programme is firmly anchored in the Nigerien media landscape, ready to continue its path towards new horizons.

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As a reminder, “Ça Pique” is an online video programme around seven minutes long that highlights the news relating to young, local Nigerien artists and athletes. With an interactive and playful format, the programme has been produced in three languages: French, Hausa and Zarma, with subtitles in French. It reaches an estimated audience of 48,000 subscribers on social media networks such as Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. There are three key objectives that drive it: promoting talent, revealing hidden facets and connecting with the public.
In addition to this programme, Etrane TV média also produces for the same target, “Leadbox”, which gives a voice to young leaders, and “Sanaa-Gay”, a careers magazine.

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