Eight media projects chosen by Safir

Eight media projects chosen by Safir

August 1, 2022

These projects were selected from 13 applications following a six-month period of support provided in incubation centres to help with development and structure.

The Safir programme finance committee analysed the applications, which consisted of a business plan and provisional budget, following which each candidate presented their project to a panel

during an online pitch session. The eight media projects selected will benefit from a 12-month support programme, as part of an “acceleration” phase in which the incubation centres will participate. They will receive a grant from CFI to begin implementation.

During this acceleration phase, CFI will also monitor the projects to ensure that the activities are properly carried out and the grants properly used to achieve the objectives set. The beneficiaries will also be offered customised advice and links with media professionals or other project owners.

The eight selected media projects are :

SA9SI (Algeria): a platform promoting critical thinking and debate culture.

CATDANSE (Tunisia): a site dedicated to creating a community of citizens and artists in order to offer new opportunities to dancers and choreographers.

FAHMOLOGIA (Tunisia): a media outlet promoting learning and popularisation of science (natural, human and social sciences) and highlighting the work of local researchers.

EXTRAJORDINARY (Jordan): provision of high-quality video production services at affordable costs to non-governmental organisations in order to highlight their achievements.

STORYTELLING (Jordan): a media project aiming to encourage readers to access objective and inclusive content through appealing storytelling methods.

INFLUENCE IT (Jordan): a platform seeking to establish links between marketing companies and agencies and professionals using their creativity and social media expertise for content production (influencers, bloggers, etc.).

STUDIO (Jordan): a platform that gives a voice to young people, content creators, bloggers and influencers by hiring out studios to enable them to create videos, programmes or any other output type.

MOHAJER VOICE (Egypt): a platform that offers support, legal advice and information on living conditions to refugees and migrants in Egypt.

SAFIR is a programme co-financed by the European Union and run by a consortium of partners led by the Institut français. Its main objective is to contribute to the political, social and economic inclusion of young people in European Neighbourhood Policy countries by promoting social, cultural and environmental entrepreneurship.