Dialogues on Migration: round table in Paris on 21 November

Dialogues on Migration: round table in Paris on 21 November

November 4, 2022

The “Dialogue between research entities, the media, collaborative entities and students concerning media reporting on migration in various geographical settings” conference will be held at the Collège de France on 21 November.

With opinions on how the media is reporting on migration becoming more polarised, greater attention is being paid to that reporting and more related measures are being undertaken. For several years now, a number of European collaborative agencies have been funding measures to boost media capacities in connection with migration issues in various countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
More recently, French collaborative entities have developed corresponding initiatives (e.g. CFI’s Dialogues on Migration project and Mediamig by the French Development Agency (AFD)) which form part of the French Strategy on Migration and Development. Civil society organisations are also carrying out measures to combat disinformation through active education and by circulating facts drawn from academic research (e.g. from Désinfox-Migrations in France). Lastly, research centres are also working on a cross-national comparative analysis of political and media rhetoric and how this impacts public opinion (e.g. the BRIDGES and DIMIG projects).
In this context, this round table proposed by the French Collaborative Institute on Migration and Désinfox-Migrations, in partnership with the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, AFD, CFI and Bridges, aims to boost the knowledge shared between these different initiatives and their synergies, while bringing them to the attention of a wider public that includes students, in order to collectively contribute to better-informed public discussions on migration issues.

The round table will be led by political science researcher and consultant on international migration, Mélodie Beaujeu.

View the agenda and register for the conference at the following link