February 5, 2018

CFI is launching a €2 million project, funded by the European Union, to support Arab youth through the digital media

Young people are at the heart of French cooperation and development actions. The European Union has selected CFI as coordinator of the D-Jil project, which aims to support young citizens in the Arab world through the media.
D-Jil will run over four years and mentor 20 initiatives from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

  • Selection: in March 2018, there will be a call for applications to longlist the 30 bestprojects focussing on digital content intended to meet the expectations of young people and to enable them to become involved in public and local life.
  • Hackathon: a hackathon will bring teams together around projects for developing innovative digital programmes over the course of a few hours.
  • Subsidy: The 10 best projects will receive a subsidy of €60 000 to €80 000..
  • Incubation: These10 award winners will further benefit from personalised mentoring throughoutthe implementation of their project. They will have regular meetings at workingsessions to exchange and to promote a regional group dynamic.
  • A second call for applications will be launched 6 months later, to choose a further 10 projects.

    Supporting youth initiatives in the Arab world

    Since 2012, together with the Institut français, CFI has been joint organiser of the SafirLab project, which each year supports around twenty young project leaders from North Africa and the Middle East, focussing on civil-society and media issues.
    Through the Ebticar project, which is funded by the European Union, CFI has also supported 20 innovative digital media outlets in the Arab world (2014 to 2016), promoting exchange and debate within society and contributing to the economic development of the southern shore of the Mediterranean through support for the media.

    Jean Emmanuel Casalta, CFI Chairman and Managing Director:

    "CFI's aim, through D-Jil, is to offer young citizens, from nine countries in the Arab world, the opportunity, resources and training mentoring to create and produce digital content for new generations."