Citizen Connections: the selected applicants

Citizen Connections: the selected applicants

September 20, 2016

In August, we called on young connected citizens active in the defence and promotion of democratic values in Africa to apply for a place in our Citizen Connections project.

A total of 30 applicants, from 12 countries in French-speaking Africa and aged from 23 to 35, have been selected by the panel, whose members were Philippe Couve, Claire Ulrich, Johanne Bruffaerts and Émilie Bergouignan.

The longlisted candidates

Mr. Maurice Thantan
Ms Seynabou Sy Ndiaye
Mr. Tidiai Togola
Mr. Guiako Obin
Ms Thérèse Yolande Dongmo Temomo
Mr. Abdourahmane Diop
Mr. Malick Faye
Mr. Edeh Dona Etchri
Mr. Aly Coulibaly
Ms Anne-Marie Befoune
Ms Cyrielle Gnignipoutya
Ms Awanabi Yao Idrissou
Ms Annie Payep
Ms Lalaissa Abdoulaye Maiga
Mr. Komi Kpandja Nusianunyo Kondi
Mr. Aly Simboro
Mr. Koffi Soulémane
Mr. Antoine Osé Coliko
Ms Irénée Bekoye Doumde
Mr. Boursier Bouiti Tchibinda
Mr. Alescandre Guibert Lette
Mr. Moumouni Compaoré
Mr. Ecclésiaste Salvador Deudjui
Mr. Kokou Amétépé Noussia
Mr. Momboladji Fabrice Aristide Balogoun
Mr. Daaton Dimitri Joel Vihoundje
Mr. Antoy Mbae Assoumani
Mr. Etienne Tshishimbi
Mr. Mamadou Adama Diallo
Mr. Sally Bilaly Sow

The final selection will be made from 11 to 28 October 2016.
The participants will be invited to carry out a variety of online activities so that their motivation and teamworking abilities can be gauged more closely.