Citizen Connections 2: meet the 23 winners

Citizen Connections 2: meet the 23 winners

April 22, 2022

A committee of civic tech experts selected the 23 young, innovative and committed project leaders who will benefit from an incubation programme to develop their initiatives.

After reviewing more than 300 applications received by CFI following its call for applications, the selection committee held oral interviews with the 35 finalists.

The candidates and their proposals were of a very high level. In addition, the proposals covered a wide range of topics and the applicants were highly diverse in terms of gender and where they came from.

As a result, 12 different countries are represented in this group of project leaders: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Guinea, Madagascar, Mali, Togo and Tunisia.

Finally, the proposed projects tackle subjects as diverse as citizenship, gender equality, the environment and health via tools for awareness raising, dialogue or citizen-led control of public action.

The 23 winners will benefit from eight months of editorial and technical support which will include group incubation sessions in French-speaking Africa, as well as tailored individual coaching. Project start-up assistance may be granted at the end of the programme depending on the quality of the projects.

The 23 applicants selected are

● Ahmed Zoghlami, Tunisia
● Lansana Keita, Guinea
● Gloria Nyavedzi, Togo
● Abdoul Kafid Toko Koutogui, Benin
● Natwa Hindina Pierre, Chad
● Alpha Mamoudou Diallo, Guineae
● Kiete Shomari, Democratic Republic of the Congo
● Lapaque Mbumba, Democratic Republic of the Congo
● Satou Annick Kane épouse Koffi, Ivory Coast
● Kpenassou Marie Thérèse Bénedicta Aloakinnou, Benin
● Alexandra Tchuileu Ngangom, Cameroon
● Yao Gerard Kouassi, Ivory Coast
● Nelly Kighana, Democratic Republic of the Congo
● Lova Mahanina Andrianantenaina, Madagascar
● Bongnety Fabiola Oulai, Ivory Coast
● Abdoulaye Sana, Burkina Faso
● Maurice Sangaré, Guinea
● Foumilayo François Xavier Assanvi, Benin
● O. Yannick Tchango, Bénin
● Renaud Avlessi, Bénin
● Dembele Aminata, Mali
● Thierry Rukata Mubanza, Democratic Republic of the Congo
● Terry-uriel Moukambo, Gabon