CFI publishes its 2023 activity report

CFI publishes its 2023 activity report

Today, CFI unveiled its 2023 activity report. Countering disinformation, promoting gender equality and protecting the environment: find out more about all the projects we implemented in 2023 on our website.

Despite a global context marked by increasing geopolitical and social tensions, CFI ran 38 media development projects throughout 2023, all of which incorporated the promotion of gender equality.

The main challenges of 2023

• In Europe, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has been accompanied by an uptick in disinformation and threats to journalists.
• In Africa, the recent military coups in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, and the deteriorating security situation have forced CFI to suspend its activities in these regions. In Sudan, the civil war has also forced CFI to transfer its activities abroad, with a rising number of journalists working in exile.
• • In the Middle East, the war between Israel and Hamas, and its regional repercussions have seriously disrupted all our projects.

Despite these challenges, the fight against disinformation remained our absolute priority in 2023, and it is one that CFI intends to pursue in 2024. Thierry Vallat, Chairman and Managing Director of CFI confirms this:

Our partners are working harder than ever to counter disinformation. Their commitment is a powerful source of respect and motivation among our staff. I would like to recognise their vital efforts here.

Read the 2023 activity report on our dedicated website:


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