CFI Paris Médias 2024

CFI launches its Paris Médias 2024 (Paris Media 2024) project at the International Agora for Journalism in Tours

At the 17th International Agora for Journalism in Tours, CFI, a partner of the event, announced the launch of its new Paris Médias 2024 project, specifically dedicated to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It will allow more than 50 journalists from Africa and the Arab world to receive training in the media coverage of major sporting events, then to come and cover the 2024 Games from Paris.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games have very high international viewing figures, not only on television but on digital platforms as well. However, this must-see sporting event receives little coverage in the African media, due in particular to the high cost of broadcasting rights and difficulties in obtaining journalist accreditation. CFI is tackling this issue head-on and implementing the first part of its Paris Médias 2024 project by providing journalists from sub-Saharan Africa with the technical and financial resources needed to cover the Olympic Games in Paris.

The second part of the project will focus on coverage of the Games from a diversity point of view (women’s sport, disability and minority representation), particularly during the Paralympic Games. The Paralympic Games are severely under-represented on the satellite TV channels, particularly in the media in North Africa and the Middle East. Accordingly, the second goal of Paris Médias 2024 is to improve the inclusion of women and people with disabilities by supporting Arabic-language coverage of an international event that concerns them in particular.

To achieve these two missions, CFI is offering a variety of opportunities to the 52 beneficiary journalists: online training ahead of the Games, financial support for the production of content and the creation of two pop-up editorial offices in Paris, one for the Olympic Games and the other for the Paralympic Games. All of these activities will enable journalists from 17 countries, such as Lebanon, Benin and Madagascar, to provide inclusive media coverage of the world’s largest sporting event in real time.

Sport and Olympism uphold universal values. The pop-up editorial offices of Paris Médias 2024 will contribute to providing access for the populations of Africa and the Arab world to effective coverage of the Olympic and Paralympic Games by journalists from their own countries.
Thierry Vallat
Chair and Managing Director of CFI
CFI Paris Médias 2024

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