Afrique Innovation Eight projects selected for the Africa web festival

Afrique Innovation Eight projects selected for the Africa web festival

October 12, 2016

Twenty project leaders from French-speaking Africa met in Dakar for a week's intensive refresher course. The best 8 will be flying off to Abidjan to submit their prototypes to investors at the Africa web festival in early December.

The training week was a mix of workshops devoted to the financial model, team management, crowd funding and communication and also of bursts of individual work, with support from the experts on hand.
On this occasion, a major mentoring arrangement was set up, calling on the skills of 7 experts from 4 countries who contributed with feedback on their experiences: Roxana Rugina, Marianne Rigaux, Ulrich Sossou, Cheick Fall, Mountaga Cissé, Philippe Couve and Julien Gueit monitored the 20 projects.

The Africa web festival will be taking place in Abidjan on 29 & 30 November and 1 December 2016, and the 8 projects chosen will be submitted in their final form. The candidates are:

  • Koobo - Burkina Faso
    A platform for training farmers by means of audio messages received by mobile.
  • Beatz Addiction - Benin
    A Beninese website focussing on the promotion of emerging musicians in French-speaking Africa.
  • Niouz - Madagascar
    Social media for young Malagasy citizens.
  • Agribusiness TV - Burkina Faso
    The very first African web-based TV devoted to young people making a success of their innovations in agriculture.
  • AIG Média - Côte d'Ivoire
    A webzine specialising in legal issues.
  • Kionesha – RDC et Cameroun
    Digital media channel devoted to promoting entrepreneurship and new technologies amongst young Africans.
  • KomKonso - Sénégal
    News website for consumers of fashion and make-up products in Senegal.

The Afrique Innovation project is mentoring the new generation of African media professionals who are inventing new information services in keeping with evolving use by the continent's citizens.
The project aims to improve quality, adaptability and resourcefulness and the audience for online journalism in Africa, relying on financial models that will promote its independence.