The 8 winners of the D-Jil project

The 8 winners of the D-Jil project

At the end of the two hackathons, a panel of experts and young people drawn from the Mediterranean region selected the 8 projects to be awarded a grants to aid their development.

It is:
- LE .31, Algéria
- FEEL, Palestine
- MEN LEWEEL, Morocco
- EL HOURRIA, Morocco
- HABKA'ARK, Libya

These winners were chosen from 250 digital projects that were received.

30 projects were pre-selected to participate in a hackathon in Tunis and Amman in March. These events served as a full-scale test of the viability of the projects. The teams, made up of journalists, web developers, graphic designers and designers, were pitched against each other in a fun competition to produce and build on the best presentation of their project.
Support was provided to the teams by media, web, communication and entrepreneurial professionals.

D-Jil is run by a consortium of partners with the following members: CFI (France), Fondation Samir Kassir (Lebanon), IREX Europe (France), FMAS (Morocco) et Leaders of Tomorrow (Jordan) and is co-financed by Union européenne.

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