“Journalism can play a key role in promoting positive change”

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Maïmouna Lo, a 43-year-old Mauritanian journalist, has worked for national television since 2007. She has just attended a cross-coaching course in N’Djaména with other journalists from her country. Feedback.


What did you work on during this coaching course?
Our group worked on solar ovens, an innovative solution in the field of energy, under the Sustainable Development Goal that focuses on energy.

Journalists from Mauritania and Chad came together to work. What were the positive aspects and difficulties of this collaboration?
Working with journalists from another country was a valuable experience and offered new perspectives that deeply enriched our approach to solutions journalism. Coming together with our colleagues from Chad was a brilliant opportunity to exchange ideas and professional practices, strengthening our understanding of local and regional challenges. It also fostered an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, which is essential to successfully carrying out joint journalism projects. We did not encounter any difficulties.

What surprised you about the way these journalists from another country work?
Their availability, their use of Arabic and French, and their sound technical skills. They are so versatile!


After this coaching course, do you have any ideas for productions in line with the SDGs that you would now like to develop?
Firstly, we want to produce reports on access to drinking water, promoting renewable energy, such as solar ovens, and raising awareness of the challenges of education and health. We also plan to explore subjects associated with fighting poverty and inequality, and preserving the environment and biodiversity. The main aim here will be to highlight local initiatives, raise public awareness and encourage collective action for sustainable development and achieving the SDGs.

Cross-coaching is a new experience that is part of the Afri’kibaaru project. In terms of improving the project, do you have any suggestions of other avenues that could be used to enhance these meetings and collaborative work?
Working with the journalists from Chad showed us new opportunities for exploring subjects of common interest and shared challenges. By working together, we were able to think up original angles from which to report on issues, such as economic development, protecting the environment and promoting human rights. This experience led us to really reflect on the way in which journalism can play a key role in raising public awareness and promoting positive change, by highlighting local initiatives and innovative solutions.

Interview by Adam Hassane Deyé