Script Talents: 11 candidates selected

Script Talents: 11 candidates selected

Following the Script Talents call for applications launched in July by CFI and Keewu Production (Lagardère Entertainment), for which more than one hundred files were submitted, 11 French-speaking African candidates have now been selected by a panel of professionals.

The aim of Script Talents is to encourage French-speaking Africanscreenwriters to express their talent by joining the artistic team of a pan-African TV series.
At the first screenwriting workshop, which is due to take place in Dakar on 15–26 September 2015, expert scenarist Philipe Niang will be tasked with identifying the five screenwriters who will ultimately be selected to develop season 1 of the series.

During this initial session, the candidates will work on constructing narrative arcs and synopses. Two further workshops scheduled for the forthcoming weeks will see the screenwriters working on sequencing the series and on ensuring continuity of dialogue between the different episodes.

The candidates selected are as follows:
- Bayala Marie Laurentine, Burkina Faso
- N'Goh Raymond, Côte d'Ivoire
- Zampaligre Salam, Burkina Faso
- Kouonang Paul Steve, Cameroon
- Biffot Samantha, Gabon
- Damy Franco Clerc, Madagascar
- Foumane Guy Josue, Cameroon
- Ngom Augustin, Senegal
- Messa Essono Olivier, Gabon
- Touko Tchoko Merline, Cameroon
- Kadry Koda Oumaroun, Niger

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