Covid-19 - C'est quoi même ?

June 30, 2020

As the pressure is easing in Africa, vigilance is still required and RAES* and CFI, in partnership with 15 radio stations in six countries (Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Chad and Senegal), are providing a weekly 30-minute magazine programme discussing social affairs.

A pan-African magazine programme presented by host Soro Solo

The French programme Covid-19, c'est quoi même ? (COVID-19, what is it?) is presented and hosted in a friendly and warm-hearted manner by Soro Solo. Each week, he gives us a look at the COVID-19 epidemic from a different angle. The programme follows a simple and effective debate on social issues with a guest, seeking to understand and explain the major issues at stake in the coronavirus crisis. It covers analysis, fake news and humorous opinion pieces, as well as good news, finding out the best citizen initiatives to fight the pandemic on the continent.

With this new type of programme, we are enabling listeners and internet users to find out the most useful current information. The programme provides stories and contributions that are sometimes funny, sometimes full of wisdom, but always comforting, to help people get through the crisis as calmly as possible. With a resolutely friendly and positive tone, Covid-19, c'est quoi même ? focuses on information that is of use to the public, together with warm-hearted, unifying, solidarity initiatives, all synonymous with hope. There will be videos to accompany the broadcast of the programme: funny clips, video-selfies, reports on citizen initiatives, made each week by different contributors.

Sub-regional coverage

Covid-19, c'est quoi même ? is also produced in 15 languages in order to reach a wide audience in both rural and urban areas. The programme is picked up by radio stations supervised by RAES, which reproduce it in Chadian Arabic, Bambara, Dyula, Fula, Hausa, Ngambay, Serer, Soninke, Songhay, Mossi, Pulaar, Hassaniya, Tamasheq, Wolof and Zarma, and it is then broadcast by 36 national, community and privately-owned radio stations.

Covid-19 c'est quoi même ? is part of the CFI MédiaSahel project, supported by the French Development Agency (AFD) as part of the French COVID-19 – Health in Common initiative.

* RAES is a Senegalese NGO that has 15 years of experience in education through entertainment and carries out media production and social mobilisation activities.