Brand new equipment for the Central African Republic radio station Voix de Barangbake!

June 26, 2019

Between April and June 2019, two technicians from the ARC [Association of Community Radio Stations] in the Central African Republic installed new equipment and a new transmission system for one of the flagship media outlets of the Recovery and Stabilisation Project.

Richard Goutia and Pamphyl Mbombo Bigué, part of the ARC's technical team, paid two successive visits to Bria, the capital of the Haute-Kotto prefecture, to install new equipment at Voix de Barangbakein order to provide the radio station with greater coverage.
The first visit took place from 20 April to 6 May, and the second from 12 to 22 June. Located in a building recently constructed by the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA), the radio station has received a new power generator, an antenna system, a new transmitter and production equipment (reporting kit, moveable sound equipment and laptops for sound editing).

A new, 50-metre-high mast will shortly be transferred to the new site, and will allow the radio station to widen its zone of coverage. A solar panel system and a studio will also be able to be installed once this transfer has been completed.
The technical skills needed by the radio station's staff to properly operate the equipment installed during this work are being passed on by the ARC team.

Even though levels of security are rather precarious, Voix de Barangbake can count on the support of the local community and of the citizens of Bria, who keep a close eye on the radio station's premises to ensure they are not vandalised. Thanks to this new equipment, the radio station will be able to continue – in the best possible conditions – its mission to broadcast messages of peace and to prevent conflicts in this highly unstable region.

Recovery and Stabilisation in the Central African Republic is a project run by Expertise France and funded by the European Union through the Bêkou Trust Fund. The media component of the project is overseen by CFI in partnership with the ARC.