Anne-Marie Befoune, the committed citizen in Cameroon

Anne-Marie Befoune, the committed citizen in Cameroon

April 2, 2021

Episode #5 of Correspondances, podcast of the newsmakers.

Anne-Marie Befoune grew up in Cameroon in the 1990s, a French-speaking country where 20% of the population speaks English. And you will hear it in Anne-Marie's story: a world separates the speakers of the two languages. Since independence in 1960, the two English-speaking regions in the west of the country have been under-represented in political bodies, marginalised in all places of power. This historical tension has culminated since 2017 in a violent separatist conflict that has not yet found a way out.

A few years earlier, Anne-Marie Befoune had left Cameroon for Senegal. And it is since Dakar that in 2015, she launches her blog Elle Citoyenne.

While listening to Anne-Marie's story, Camille couldn't help but think of Ifemelu, the main character of "Americanah", the best-selling book by Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie. Both of them have keen intelligence, observation skills, and a point of view on the world that they unfold on a blog, under a pseudonym, arousing the curiosity of their fellow creatures.

Correspondances, the newsmakers' podcast, highlights the women and men who, all over the world, are committed to informing their fellow human beings.

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