2016 4M Paris Meetings

2016 4M Paris Meetings

April 7, 2016

200 online media representatives from 38 countries brought together in Paris: 20 & 21 April 2016.

In Syria, Syria Untold, an independent digital media project, explores a 'new narrative' of the daily struggle of the Syrian people and their diverse forms of resistance, which men and women are writing day by day.

In Tunisia, Innova Tunisia, a specialist in big data in the field of digital media, offers an innovation platform enabling the real-time compilation and processing of the millions of publications generated by the tens of thousands of sources in the Maghreb.

In Burkina Faso, Le Balai Citoyen, a non-violent civil society movement, uses social media to urge the Burkinian people to rise up and take action to cleanse the country of political corruption.

All around the world, online media and social networks promote solidarity and citizenship by encouraging civil society to express its views and take an active role in the public debate.

From Burkina Faso to Cambodia, via Tunisia, Syria, Armenia and Kenya, online media and civil society organisations are a crucial force for change in the areas of democracy and good governance.

Bringing together 200 influential media and civil society representatives from around 40 countries, the 2016 4M Paris Meetings are a unique forum for discussing the issue of civic engagement via digital media.

The meetings will revolve around two major themes

> Sharing new editorial practices
Journalists no longer have a monopoly over the public space. However, civil society does not necessarily work to the same professional standards in collecting and disseminating information.
In view of this situation, what is the future of the relationships between digital media, online communities and civil society?

> Structuring online media
What are the most important aspects of a structured development for an online media outlet?
What are the proven successful formulas, the pitfalls to avoid and the most promising solutions?
What kind of innovative or alternative financing can be used to develop high-quality online information without resorting to international backers?

Programme and biographies of speakers to follow.

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