Terms of reference for the recruitment of a project coordinator in Myanmar

CFI and EPD will soon launch a new project in Myanmar, with the objective of fostering an environment in which information is shared effectively between its Parliament and the public.
A Strategic Plan with a three-year horizon (2019 – 2022), mandates the houses of the Parliament to develop their communication performance. This focuses largely on digital infrastructure and processes,. nevertheless, the will exists to develop a fully-functional and powerful communication department.
An integrated and strategic approach to communication and public relations has to be developed.

The situation of the media and civil society in Myanmar has largely improved in the past 10 years: the media sector has undergone profound changes since the military junta ceded its power, however, a strong culture of journalism has yet to develop in the country. The media’s and civil society’s roles in holding the government accountable and disseminating information are not always properly recognized.
The interactions between these groups and the Parliament are still not unfolding in a regular manner and both media and CSOs are frequently ill prepared to hold this dialogue of paramount importance for the building of democratic institutions more generally.

Terms of reference
Sunday 14 February 2021
To the attention of
Mrs Adeline MAYEUR
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