“Scientific megastories”: A journalism training program on storytelling about sustainable development

As part of its Mekong Sustainable News project, CFI, the French Media Development agency, is launching a training program for Vietnamese reporters and media content producers to deepen their scientific understanding of climate change and sustainable development related issues and their multimedia reporting skills (see Application Form). CFI is proud to rely on the expertise of the international development NGO GRET and its AliSEA network in the region to work on specific topics linked to agricultural and natural resources management, and of the Vietnamese Journalists Training Center (VJTC) on media skills trainings.

Implementing an innovative approach to media training, CFI, VJTC and GRET will work on creating a curriculum based on "nano-modules" and personalized coaching to enable selected participants to produce visual and engaging content. Coaching will be an important part of the program to value the commitment of selected candidates and the expertise of the trainers and scientists.

Submission by e-mail (English or Vietnamese language)

Apply online here.

The Mekong Sustainable News project issupported by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Application process:

Scientific megastories
July 30st, 2020
To the attention of
Mrs. Mai Lan Nguyen
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