Shymaa Adel, the Egyptian journalist on the front

April 8, 2021

Episode #6 of Correspondances, podcast of the newsmakers.

Shymaa Adel is 33 years old, 13 of which have already been spent working in an editorial office. The Egyptian investigative journalist has been working for a decade for the national daily Al-Watan, based in Cairo.

Since her beginnings, Shymaa Adel has experienced many political upheavals: the revolution of 2011 and the fall of Hosni Mubarak, the difficult democratisation that followed, the arrival in power in 2012 of the first democratically elected president: Mohamed Morsi, affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood; then the military coup of July 2013, led by General Abd El-Fattah Al Sissi.

In the midst of all this, for many years, Shymaa's work was outward-looking: war zones, conflicts, which she covered all over the Arab world. But since 2016, back home in Egypt, she has been focusing on the health sector.

When Camille spoke with Shymaa, she was immediately struck by the contrast between her voice, still very young and sometimes even hesitant, and the stories she told her, which testify to an extraordinary courage and determination. This is the story of a journalist who does not hesitate to take risks. And who started taking them very early on.

Correspondances, the newsmakers' podcast, highlights the women and men who, all over the world, are committed to informing their fellow human beings.

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