Inoussa Maiga, an innovative look on the Burkinabé agricultural world

April 19, 2021

Episode #7 of Correspondances, podcast of the newsmakers.

Inoussa Maïga is the founder of AgribusinessTV, an online video media that highlights the agricultural sector and its innovations in a dozen African countries. Changing the image of agriculture, telling the stories of those who are successful, encouraging vocations across the continent: this is the mission of this 35-year-old journalist born in a rural area of eastern Burkina Faso. And yet, as you will hear, Inoussa Maïga has long been angry with agriculture ...

Inoussa grew up in the 90s in a very large family: 16 children in total between her uncle and her father, whose semi-detached houses overlook the same large courtyard. The family lives from growing rice, maize, millet and raising livestock.

Little Inoussa, pushed by his mother, has the chance to shine at school. The second last of the family, he is the only one who will reach university, and will move away from the rural and agricultural world for a while, only to return to it... to come back to it. But let's start again. Where the story of Inoussa Maïga begins... Correspondances, the newsmakers' podcast, highlights the women and men who, all over the world, are committed to informing their fellow human beings.

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