Anderson Diedri, investigator at the service of the Ivorian population

March 26, 2021

Episode #2 of Correspondances, podcast of the newsmakers.

Manféi Anderson Diedri is 34 years old. This Ivorian founded the Eburnie Today website in 2016, specialising in investigative journalism and fact-checking. A real challenge on a continent where, as elsewhere, false information proliferates, but where independent media devoting resources to fact-checking are still rare.

When Camille Diao spoke with Anderson, he came across as a man who, despite his young age, has already lived a lot. A journalist who knows what he wants, where he is going, who moves forward step by step without ever compromising his values.

Manféi Anderson Diédri was born in 1986 in Dimbokro. His mother, a restaurateur, his father, a factory worker, 5 brothers and sisters - a rather carefree childhood in this medium-sized town in central Ivory Coast. But while he was still very young, the family was struck by a great upheaval. It is 1994 and Anderson's life is about to change...

Correspondances, the newsmakers' podcast, highlights the women and men who, all over the world, are committed to informing their fellow human beings.

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