Ahmed Baider, guarantor of information about war in Yemen

March 29, 2021

Episode #4 of Correspondances, podcast of the newsmakers.

Ahmed Baider is a young Yemeni reporter who covers the humanitarian crisis in his country for many foreign TV channels: ITV News, BBC, Sky News and Channel 4.

Ahmed is 28 years old. He was born in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen. In 2011, in the wake of the Arab Spring, the people rose up against the regime in place, Ahmed is barely of age. The revolution quickly turns into civil war. In March 2015, Saudi Arabia took the lead of an international Sunni coalition that bombed the country and imposed a blockade on humanitarian aid.

It is in this context that Ahmed Baider begins as a fixer for foreign journalists on mission there. He helps them chronicle the destruction, famine and the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. One fine day in 2015, Ahmed's life changed forever. So, when he looks back at life before, his voice, at times, starts to shake...

Correspondances, the newsmakers' podcast, highlights the women and men who, all over the world, are committed to informing their fellow human beings.

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