Abdelhak Sabri, the voice of everyday people

Abdelhak Sabri, the voice of everyday people

April 25, 2023

Just 29 years of age, Abdelhak Sabri is an ambitious and determined journalist and the founder of True Story. He creates profiles of the lives of men and women to inspire others.

Born in a small village tucked away in south-west Rif, a region of Morocco, Abdelhak grew up with a mother who never had the opportunity to go to school and a father who was working in France. After studying History at university when his family moved and settled in the city of Oujda close to the Algerian border, he began his professional career in media in 2013. After gaining eight years of experience as an editor and social media manager at a Moroccan digital media organisation, he created his own media platform in 2022 — True Story.

Spurred on by the environment in which he grew up, Abdelhak has been harbouring a dream since childhood — to become the voice of everyday people, who he finds unique and inspiring. True Story's ambition is to give a voice to these people who are largely or completely ignored by mainstream media. By harnessing the communicative power of storytelling, he has managed to attract viewers who keep coming back for more.

The episode he created for the Intajat Jadida project profiles an interior designer, Manal Karzazi. This young woman, who has had to deal with men staring at her when visiting building sites, emphasises the fact that she had to develop her interpersonal skills in order to carry out her job and meet the needs of her clients. Three days after being posted on Instagram, this episode was viewed at least once by 56,000 unique accounts. It also got 113 likes and was either shared or commented on 26 times.

They aren't ordinary people; they are unique and inspiring.
Abdelhak Sabri (left), alongside the young designer, Manal Karzazi, and Malek Khadhraoui, a journalist and expert instructor for the Intajat Jadida project.

The young journalist told us a few days ago that he had been hired as a team coordinator responsible for the communication and content creation component of a departmental reading project. Abdelhak is aware that the profession of journalist is continuously changing, which is why he is still taking courses at the University of Oujda to further his skills and expertise.

He is no ordinary person either!

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