Senior Expert to support the editorial team of justice section at ukranian media UA: PBC

A subsidiary of the France Médias Monde group, CFI actively promotes the development of the media in Africa, the Arab world and South-East Asia. The organisation has been granted by PRAVO-JUSTICE leading organization Expertise France the mission to implement activities related to media in order to support a better coverage by the media of justice related issues and justice reform in Ukraine.

In order to tackle the issue of confidence in the Justice system and to improve Ukrainian’s understanding of the under-going reforms in this sector, but also of justice issues in general, there is a need to work on four complementary aspects: journalists’ capacities in justice issues coverage; justice system actors’ capacities to communicate and work with media; networking and building bridges between media and the judiciary; supporting the production of quality journalistic contents.

In this context, CFI has set up a fund to support the production of different journalistic formats in all types of media (print, web, radio, television, web), aimed at journalists specializing in justice issues, but ultimately benefiting the media who wish to improve their capacity to cover justice and court-related issues. This fund gives the possibility to support the production of short formats, reporting on court news, but also longer special projects, which help to root the culture of judicial journalism in the media landscape.

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31 janvier 2021
To the attention of
Stéphane Siohan, Ukraine Country coordinator / Adeline Mayeur, Paris HQ Project manager
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