Design and supervision of the M&E device Media for One Health Project

Media for One Health project wants to bring the “One Health” approach to the knowledge of a wide public by raising awareness of local media by training their journalists so that they can carry out their mission of information and prevention to the potential future crises. The media will be also encouraged to develop a positive and unifying discourse by promoting local, national and international adaptation solutions.
The general objective (GO) of the Project is to strengthen the knowledge and skills of South Asian media (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines) in the production and dissemination of information related to the “One Health” approach. Media treatment of this approach is expected to be a driving force in the prevention of infectious diseases by linking scientists, policy makers and civil society.

The purpose of this Call for quotations is to identify a service provider(s) capable of designing the monitoring and evaluation system for the “Media for One Health" project (thereafter the “Project”) and to advise the Project team in its implementation. This Call for quotations does not constitute a promise of award of the future contract to any applicant company.

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